Configuring mobile app and lead retrieval for your event sponsors

Apr 19, 2023 / 1 min
By: Edyta Gorzon, Director of Customer Success

Lead retrieval is the essential process that enables sponsors to achieve their main goal at an event: lead generation. With lead scanning capabilities built into mobile app, sponsors do not need to rely on any third-party software or badge scanner to scan leads and analyse data.

Before sponsors' staff can access lead scanning capabilities, there are two preconditions that must be met. First, they must have valid tickets for the event, and second, they need to have "Lead management" role enabled for them in the sponsorship dashboard. 

Once those preconditions are fulfilled, event organizers can easily assign the "Lead Management" role to sponsor staff on the sponsorship dashboard page. This role allows sponsors to scan leads using the mobile app during the event and analyse and export leads afterward.

After logging into the mobile app, sponsors can click on the "Sponsors" section in the bottom bar to access the lead scanning feature and review scanned leads. They can then use their sponsor dashboard on the web to analyse collected leads, to export them to Excel, or to perform raffle prize drawings during or after the event.

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