If you are the Event Sponsor Representative, the first point of contact for event organizers for your sponsorship, managing event tickets will be your responsibility. This can be done by selecting the "Tickets" option from the main menu in your sponsor dashboard.

There you will see all the tickets for your sponsorship and to whom they are currently assigned.

Clicking the "Assign" button on a ticket will give you three options:

  • Assign to yourself: Assign to yourself a ticket only if you are attending the event. Never assign more than one ticket to yourself. If you are not attending the event personally but sending your team, do not assign yourself any tickets.

  • Invite someone else: This is the option you will use most often to invite colleagues and assign them tickets. After entering their email address and clicking "Send," they will receive an email to claim the ticket. Ensure that they remember the login data they used to claim the ticket, and to use the same data to log into the run.events mobile app.

  • Configure a ticket for someone else: You can configure a ticket for someone else by entering their personal data, but this will not give them a run.events account. This option does not make sense for sponsors as it would prevent the use of the mobile app, lead scanning, and lead analytics for attendees with those tickets.

Don't worry about assigning tickets, as it is not irreversible. You can unassign and reassign tickets at any time, allowing you to replace colleagues who cannot attend with other team members. Click on the "Unassign" link, and the tickets will become available to assign to someone else.