As a sponsor, you should set up and get acquainted with the mobile app

Apr 20, 2023 / 2 min
By: Elena Kovacevic, Chief Business Development Officer mobile app will be your primary networking and lead retrieval tool during the event, so make sure that you set it up properly in advance. Install the app from this link, and log in with the same account that you have used previously for accepting the invitation to join the sponsor team and for logging into sponsor dashboard.

After logging into mobile app, you should see the event that you are sponsoring, and when you click on it, mobile app will change its appearance to match the visual identity of the event. After you click on the "sponsors" icon, you will immediately see options to scan leads, see the leads which have already been scanned by you and your colleagues, and to manage tasks - this all depends on whether you have "Lead Management" and "Task Management" roles assigned. 

If you don't see the event in the mobile app, please make sure that: 

  • You have accepted the invitation to be a part of the sponsor team
    You are logged in with the correct account and with the same credentials - the most common issue when not seeing sponsorship is being logged in with a different account. 

  • If you are sure that both points above are correct, and you still don't have access to the sponsor team of that event, please contact your event organizer to figure out what is going on. 
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Look who else is there and connect with them!

After you have installed the mobile app and confirmed that everything is working correctly, open the event within the app, click on the “Connect” button, and begin searching for other attendees using their names or companies. Once you find them, you can send them connection requests and wait for them to confirm the requests. Keep in mind that you will only be able to locate attendees who have set their profile to “public”.

This method allows you to begin creating your event network even before the event commences. Once you've connected with attendees, you can start chatting with them, arranging meetings, and inviting them to your booth.

However, keep in mind that these attendees are not on your lead list yet; they are only your personal connections. If they accept your connection request, you can use the chat feature to invite them to your booth when the event begins, where you can scan their badge, and they will then appear on your lead list.


Create public groups!

In the "Connect" section of the mobile app, you can find the "Groups" tab. Here, you'll see a button that allows you to create new groups. These can be either private or public. Private groups are restricted to selected members, while anyone can join public groups.

As a sponsor, creating public groups can be an excellent way to promote your products or services. Invite people you've already connected with and start discussing topics relevant to your brand. However, be careful not to create too many groups as the organizers may not appreciate it. One public group per sponsor is usually sufficient. It's also worth noting that event organizers have the power to delete groups, so please use this feature considerately and curate the content of your groups.