pricing for corporate events without paid tickets

This price model covers team building events, launching new products or services, or networking events with other businesses.

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Corporate events are organized by businesses or corporations for various purposes. These events can range from small meetings to large-scale conferences, and can be both internal or external facing. Corporate events can serve various purposes, including team building, promoting company culture, launching new products or services or networking with other businesses.

At, the cost of corporate events is determined by the number of attendees, with a lower cost per attendee for larger events. To estimate the cost of your upcoming event, please use our convenient price calculator for corporate events. This calculator takes into account the number of attendees and other relevant event details to provide you with an accurate estimate of the total cost. With our transparent pricing model, you can rest assured that you're getting the best possible value for your investment.

Try our price calculator today to start planning your next successful corporate event.

What does this price include? 

The price includes everything you see on this website, including all features for event organizers, attendees, speakers, and sponsors. It also includes the use of the mobile app for your events. typically replaces at least four different systems that average event organizers are using, thereby significantly reducing their costs and eliminating the hassle of exporting and copying data between various systems.

Billing in arrears (after event is finished).
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