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by Adis Jugo


Wednesday, Jan 11 2023

So, here it is. The day when we officially launch The day when each and every event organizer can get all the features of an advanced, fully integrated event management platform with a few clicks, within a few minutes, and with no upfront costs. It is a big day.

So, here it is. The day when we officially launch The day when each and every event organizer can get all the features of an advanced, fully integrated event management platform with a few clicks, within a few minutes, and with no upfront costs. It is a big day.

But how did we come to this point? Why did we make

We are an IT company with a lot of experience in event management, too. For ten years now, we are organizing two largest Microsoft-focused events in Europe (European Collaboration Summit and European Cloud Summit). And we knew the pain: the choice that each event organizer had to made was between using multiple disconnected systems which are good for one thing only but force event organizers to copy data, or using old-fashioned conference-systems, which are mostly out of touch with event organizers’ reality and require high upfront costs. development team discussing things

That’s why we decided to merge our experiences as software builders and event organizers, and to create a Software as a Service platform which will offer event organizers to use a modern, state-of-the art system which will cover all their needs, but also offer a first-class experience to attendees, speakers, and sponsors and exhibitors, which all have access to the different aspects of the platform, and need to work together in order for an event to succeed. is offered as an web application and as a mobile app (available in Apple and Google stores), which both cover different aspects of that functionality.

For us, it was important not to make any compromises with the quality. We would rather go to the market later, but that the features which we bring on the market are complete, tested and proven with real events. We also did not want any distraction and any interference from the people who don’t know the industry that well. That’s why we have decided to bootstrap the whole development process, where we have used our own finances for development. Now, when the product in its initial version is ready, tested and proven, we might open up to financing possibilities, but the initial freedom to develop was very important for us.

When I say proven: run.even events might be open up to the broad market today, but it is functional and in use since February 2022. Eight events have been organized with until now: four paid events and four community events.

During this past year:

  • 4058 users have created account at
  • 4419 tickets have been sold or issued with
  • 1857 invoices have been issued with
  • 1612 payments have been processed with
  • 4008 attendees have checked into their events using mobile app
  • 3114 event badges have been printed with
  • 1122 speakers have registered with
  • 2771 sessions have been submitted through
  • 392 sponsors have been entered into
  • 118 sponsorships have been closed with the help of
  • 701 lead has been scanned by the sponsors using the mobile app
  • 2636 connections have been established using mobile app
  • 11413 messages have been sent with the mobile app

So, yes, we are ready for the big day. All of this makes us confident that the platform is ready for the market, and the feedback from the organizers is overwhelming. is being announced as the official platform for the Advanced Technollogy Days pricing is commission based, which means that event organizers don’t need to pay anything in advance, and price will depend on their financial success. What we can say is that for the price which will be smaller than with Eventbrite or similar ticketing apps, with organizers will be getting a broad set of functionalities which include complete ticketing and invoicing solutions, speaker and agenda management, sponsors management and mobile app for personal schedules and business networking. will always be free for communities, charities and non-profits, regardless of whether their events are free, if they take some minimal fee to cover costs, or if they are raising money for charity. Very soon, is getting additional community-building features, so that community organizers and community champions can have a powerful toolset for managing and running their communities.

The similar is true for private events: envisioned for Q2/2023, wil be getting features for private organizers to organize office parties, birthdays, or any other kind of private events with As long as they don’t sell (paid) tickets, those private events will be free as well.

Jason Himmelstein, Microsoft, Announcing as the official mobile app at CollabDays Lisbon

On the end, a few words about security, compliance and underlying tech. We are using Microsoft Azure cloud for, and the whole data is stored in Microsoft’s West Europe data centers in the Netherlands. We are a European company, for us security, compliance and data privacy have the top priority, and we will make sure that our attendee data is safe and protected. We also did not implement our own authentication providers, we rather let our users use their existing accounts (with any of the major authentication providers) to access We are not selling or passing for analysis any data to any third party, and we will never be doing anything like that.

A bit of trivia on the end. In the beginning, when we still didn’t know how to call the product, we have called it “Project Modesty”, named after Peter O’Donnell’s fictional comic character Modesty Blaise, which many members of our team liked and grew up with. It is a good match: is in a way just like Mam’selle Modesty. It is there to kick some butts and to shake up the events industry.

So, welcome to!