For 12 years, we tried using various software solutions to run our business, and we did not find what we were looking for. The existing solutions on the market either covered only some specific areas of event organization, such as ticket sales or speaker and agenda management, or they were traditional software solutions that required heavy infrastructure investment on our side. Most of the time, they were very expensive and their payment models were inflexible, involving high upfront payments which didn’t correlate at all with the financial success of our events. is designed to be an easy to set up and easy to use cloud-based event management platform, which could be ready to use within minutes and which would cover all areas of event organization. We wanted the payment model to be easy and understandable, based on a percentage of the ticket price. That way, we would take the financial risk away from the event organizers, and at the same time offer them an enterprise-grade event management platform, which will gradually become the only tool they need for their event organization business.

Welcome to It is a new, fair and friendly way to manage events. Create your account and try it, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.


Public launch for event organizers is planned for January 2023. Contact us to join the private beta programme.