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Features for event agencies helps event agencies save time and resources by automating event planning tasks, allowing event organizers to focus on other aspects of their business.
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Managing multiple events

Before and after the event, our platform enables event agencies to manage all events in continuity. It's capacity to centrally oversee and plan funds, teams, and resources and track budgets, finances, and sales allows event agencies to supervise and grow business by handling larger events more efficiently. Our platform makes it easier for event agencies to scale easily.

Team Members

Team management

The Team is The Star. helps you manage your team efficiently. Multiple people in different roles are always involved in event organization from the organizer’s side. Our platform makes it easy for you to form and supervise your team centrally and decide who is taking part in which event and in which role.

O Portal CRM

Integrated CRM

The CRM module is the starting point for data management for sponsors, exhibitors, service partners, vendors, and customers. Your key partners might be divided into sponsor and vendor categories, but their core data are the same. You can oversee data for each of these partners and upload documents that are related to them. It also enables you to manage data for each of their staff, so you can always know which person is in which role, who has changed position, and who has left the comp

O Portal Tickets And Attendees

Tracking Key Customers helps you manage your customers and prospects, including tracking leads and proposals and generating reports. With, you can identify, monitor and coordinate key customers who visit your event every year, record info about their key personnel, and use those data to target communication and sales with those customers. 


Centralized reporting provides valuable data and analytics about your events, including ticket and sponsor sales, attendee demographics, and general feedback. It will also help you to track your finances, including invoicing, expenses, and profitability.

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