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Speakers, content, and agenda management simplifies managing content and speakers for events. Customize calls for content, create content teams, evaluate and organize submitted sessions, and manage speakers. In addition, create event agenda and session feedback forms.
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Call for Content and Content Submissions

With, you can effortlessly set up your call for content. Fine-tune what your speakers need to submit within their speaker profiles and sessions. Define the start and end dates for your call for content, customize submission forms, provide speakers with content submission instructions, terms of speaking, and welcome messages.

Your speakers can establish their speaker profile page, featuring not only their sessions, but also their acclamations and accreditations.


Creating the content team

In most cases, event organizers will have a dedicated content team to evaluate and select the content for the event. The content team reviews content submissions, evaluates sessions, and ultimately decides which session proposals should be included in the official program. simplifies this process by enabling event organizers to create and manage their content teams with ease. Team members can be given privileges to rate sessions, to make the final selection, and to create the final schedule. on stage

Content Selection enables content orgnaization and selection via a Kanban-style board. Sessions can be rated by content team members and easily moved between different stages or 'buckets'. Once the content has been rated, the event content manager can easily decide which sessions will make it in the official program and notify speakers about their accepted and declined sessions.
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Agenda Building and Publishing

Once the content has been selected, offers event organizers an intuitive way to assemble the agenda. Drag and drop sessions from different buckets to the agenda builder, where all session rooms and time slots are displayed. You can have in-person rooms, online rooms, or both, depending on your event type. A unique feature of are so called 'non-content blocks': you can easily create and position catering, parties, and other extra-curricular activities within your agenda alongside your official program. will alert you to any inconsistencies in your agenda, such as too many sessions of a similar type in the same slot, or a speaker with too many back-to-back sessions.

Speaker Attendee Communication

Speaker management and communications

Once the content selection is completed, event organizers will have to manage speaker communications. simplifies this task by introducing speaker groups and classifications, enabling tailored communications for each group.


Managing session feedback enables event organizers to create customized session feedback forms that attendees can use to evaluate the sessions they've attended. These forms can be as simple as a single star-rating input or as detailed as needed, allowing attendees to rate different aspects of the sessions or presentations. Attendees can use the mobile app to leave feedback, if the event organizers have enabled this option. Organizers can choose whether to make this feedback available to the speakers, or keep the information for internal use.

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