Watch on demand: Handling attendee check-ins in 2024.

Features for event speakers enables speakers to communicate with event organizers, receive updates about the event, and access important information. It allows them to manage their speaker profile or to easily submit sessions with access to manage them at any time.
Laura Kokkarinen

Speaker profiles and dashboards enables speakers to manage their biographies and profiles centrally, making it easier to use at all events where they submit their content. Speakers can adjust their profiles for each event for which they enter their sessions separately. For example, if some events require them to appear more formal or casual, they can only adjust their biography and profile picture for that event. 

Session Submissions

Session submissions and management enables speakers to submit their session proposals and track and manage their submissions. Speakers can easily track the status of each submitted session and make changes, either within a defined content submission timeframe or upon request from the content team. Once their sessions are selected, speakers can make final confirmation using 

Speaker Attendee Communication

Speaker-attendee communication includes features allowing speakers to engage with attendees, such as a session chat function in the mobile app. This can help speakers build relationships with attendees before their talks, increasing the quality of their sessions. 

Content Team Communications

Content team communications can be used by the content team and the speakers to initiate communication about sessions, submission status, or any other content-related topic. Speakers and content team members have one central point and accurate contact data, enabling them to initiate the conversation.


Access to feedback data and analytics

If event organizers have selected that option, provide speakers with feedback, data, and analytics about their sessions. Event organizers can configure what questions and ratings they want to collect in session feedback and decide if speakers can see that feedback. Of course, organizers can first collect the feedback, filter it and remove all inappropriate or irrelevant answers, and then give speakers insights into that feedback after it has been cleaned up.

Materials Upload

Materials Upload

Event organizers often require speakers to upload session materials, such as presentations, papers, or examples, and make them available to the attendees. simplify this process, enabling speakers to upload their session materials directly within their speaker dashboard. Session materials will be available for attendees at the event website through the sessions and agenda widgets. 

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