Watch on demand: Handling attendee check-ins in 2024.

Features for event sponsors and exhibitors provides sponsors and exhibitors with tools and resources to effectively promote their offers using networking tools, lead scanning and analytics features, or gamification options.
Sponsor Leads

Lead retrieval and management provides sponsors and exhibitors with tools to capture, manage, analyze, and nurture leads. Using the mobile app, event sponsors can quickly scan attendees' badges, take notes, and classify leads on the fly. In the web application, sponsors can access the leads dashboard to evaluate and categorize collected leads or export them in a transferrable format ready for any CRM system on the market. In this way, help sponsors build a list of potential partners and customers and follow up with them after the event.

Sponsor Driven Gamification

Sponsor-driven gamification gamification features are tailored specifically to increase engagement between attendees and sponsors. Each attendee can earn 'coins' by visiting sponsor booths and spending them on the swag offered. Our mobile app features a leaderboard with coin status for each attendee. If sponsors are organizing raffles, they can use web application to randomly draw winners with optional selection between booth visitors or between all event attendees. This significantly increases the event's fun elements and the sponsor-attendee involvement.

Event Networking 2

Event networking provides sponsors and exhibitors with tools to engage with attendees, such as messaging or networking functions. Sponsors can approach attendees, organize a meeting, or invite them to the booth. Besides scanning leads at their booths, sponsors can use our mobile app to search for the attendees based on different criteria, such as name, country, job role, or company. Furthermore, sponsors can create public chat groups in the mobile app, which offers an additional opportunity for attendees to communicate with them. 

Event Networking

Event tasks and deadlines

Sponsors must know the deadlines for the various tasks related to their sponsorship engagement. The event organizer will define those responsibilities, but sponsors have accessible insights into those tasks and their fulfillment status on the sponsor dashboard in Event organizers can require sponsors to deliver all the materials at a certain date, provide booth design backdrops, and register the staff participating in the event. 

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