Watch on demand: Handling attendee check-ins in 2024.

Features for event attendees is especially convenient for attendees as it eliminates the need to create a new account for each event they want to attend, retaining their business connections after and between events. 
Agenda Creation

One platform, many events is a multi-event platform, meaning attendees can use one account to access and register for multiple events. This is extremely convenient for attendees as they don’t have to create a new account for each event they want to attend. The ticket purchasing process gets simpler with as they need to purchase tickets through one account rather than repeatedly entering their data for each event they are buying tickets for.

Mobile Chat

Networking and social significantly increases engagement and enable attendees to connect with others or engage with the speakers, sponsors, and event organizers in one place, which can help foster a sense of community and encourage participation. also enable attendees to have personalized experiences. It allows attendees to build a personal profile and define their interests, increasing their visibility and business networking opportunities during an event while providing attendees with event recommendations based on their industry and personal preferences.


Personal schedule building

The mobile app helps attendees to build and manage their event schedules. It enables attendees to browse and view the event schedule and select the sessions, workshops, or other activities they want to attend. The app can create a personalized schedule for the attendee based on their selections. Furthermore, the mobile app can provide attendees with real-time updates about the event, including any schedule changes or important announcements, making their schedule adjusted according to the modifications in the overall event schedule.

Mobile App Feed

Mobile app

During any event, the mobile app is the primary attendee experience and the main networking tool before and after the event. Before the event starts, attendees can browse the event agenda and select sessions they want to attend, building a personal schedule. Attendees can also search for the other attendees who opted in for public profiles, send them connection requests, and establish pre-event networking. Since the app is not event-bound. The attendees can use it to keep in touch with their business network after and between events.

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Assigning Tickets

Assigning tickets at the later point of time

With, event attendees can take advantage of a unique feature allowing purchasing event tickets at a discounted price before attendees are confirmed. This means that attendees can buy tickets at a lower price and then assign them to specific individuals after confirming their attendance. This feature is handy for companies where the person purchasing the tickets may be different from the attendee. With, the ticket owner can buy tickets in advance and assign them to the appropriate attendees later. This simplifies the ticket assignment process and ensures that each attendee has access reserved in advance. In addition, allow ticket owners to change people attending the event if necessary. 

Buying Tickets

Buying Tickets as Individuals or Businesses/Organizations

Event attendees have different needs when it comes to ticket purchases. That's why we've designed our ticketing system to be flexible and accommodating to individuals and businesses/organizations. For individuals, purchasing tickets is straightforward and hassle-free. On another side, we recognize that businesses/organizations have additional legal requirements, so our ticketing system generates customized invoices tailored to their specific needs. These invoices include all necessary information, such as VAT and tax numbers, to ensure corporate clients comply with relevant regulations. We aim to provide the best possible ticket-purchasing experience for all attendees, whether individuals or businesses.

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