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Faithful event companion

The event mobile app is your faithful event companion. 

Attendees can see at a glance what's happening next, view all speakers, and browse sessions. They can also use the app to connect with sponsors, exhibitors, and other attendees.

The mobile app boasts a modern look and feel, and includes communication, orientation, networking, and gamification features, all tailored and branded for your event.

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Mobile App Feed

It is your app, for your event! mobile app takes over the visual identity of your event, which significantly improves the attendee experience and boosts the identification between the event and attendees. Users can easily browse the agenda, speakers and sessions, connect with other attendees, chat with them, create private chat groups, or join public ones. 

The home feed of the mobile app displays upcoming sessions, important notifications, pending connection requests, and incoming messages from various chats.

You as an organizer can use the app to send attendees mobile notifications, or to display in-app banners, which you can use for important announcements, or for promotion of your sponsors.

Mobile App Networking

Business networking

Business networking is fun with the mobile app. Attendees can use the app to simply scan the badges of other attendees, and voilà – they are connected, they can see each other’s profile details, and they can engage in chat. The other way to connect with the other attendees is to search for them in the app. They can search by name, company, job role or country. It is important to mention that business connections created with the mobile app are not event-bound: your attendees can contact their business connections before, during, after, and in between events, and they can also see what events their connections are going to visit next!

Besides networking with other attendees, attendees can use the mobile app to browse the sponsors and exhibitors, see their booth locations, and keep track of which booths they have already visited. 

Mobile App Agenda

Agenda and speakers

The mobile app is the best event companion that attendees can wish for: they will get insights at a glance of to what is next on the programme or in their personal schedule, and when joint activities such as lunches, parties, or any other extra-curricular activities that are happening. They can easily browse the event agenda, mark sessions as favourites and include them in their personal schedule, and engage in a session chat which can also be used to ask speakers questions prior to or after the session. If event organizers have configured session feedback, attendees can utilize the mobile app to fill in the session feedback forms. 

Using the mobile app, attendees can easily browse and get insights into all speaker and session details. They can see speakers’ biographies and acclamations, as well as the sessions which they are delivering.

Mobile App Gamification

Gamification enables event organizers to enhance interaction between attendees and sponsors through gamification features. Attendees can collect coins by visiting sessions and sponsor booths and use them to purchase sponsor merchandise and giveaways.

The mobile app is the key platform for these gamification features, allowing attendees to track their coin collection, compare their ranking with other attendees, see the sponsor booths they've visited, and view the various prizes and giveaways offered by each sponsor. 

In App Display Single

Push Notifications and In-App Displays

The mobile app provides event organizers with the ability to send critical push notifications to their attendees at all stages of the event - before, during, and after. These notifications can be tailored to target attendees of a particular category, those with specific ticket types, or even individual attendees. Additionally, the push notifications offer organizers the capability to guide users to a specific session, speaker, or sponsor within the app, thus providing a powerful tool for better promotion. allows you to create "In-App displays" (banners) for your event's mobile app and configure when and where they appear. In-App displays can serve various purposes, such as displaying important event information that should remain visible in the app for an extended period and are not appropriate for push notifications.

Additionally, you can sell In-App displays as advertising space to your sponsors. The possibilities for using in-app displays are limitless and depend only on your imagination.

In App Display Single

Event Surveys

The mobile app presents an engaging feature for event organizers: surveys. This feature empowers organizers to design and distribute surveys to event attendees directly through the app. It serves as a real-time feedback mechanism, capturing valuable insights and viewpoints from attendees. Organizers have the option to decide which attendees they wish to target with these surveys, making selections based on attendee roles, ticket types, or even specific individuals. This interactive tool not only augments communication between organizers and attendees but also delivers instant data, aiding in the continuous enhancement of the event experience.

Mobile App Sponsors

Sponsor mode and Lead Retrieval

Besides all the other mobile app functions, sponsors’ personnel can use the app for another important task: lead retrieval. Upon scanning attendees’ badges, sponsors can easily see their details and engage in conversation with them at the event or post event. 

Sponsors can use the web interface to download an Excel sheet with the scanned leads. 

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Integration with Mobile Wallets

Once event attendees have registered for an event and obtained their event tickets, they can easily add them to Apple Wallet on iOS devices or Google Pay on Android devices. This way, attendees can quickly show their tickets when prompted during the event, such as during the global event check-in or session check-in.

Event tickets stored in Apple Wallet and Google Pay are in the event's corporate identity, which further promotes the event's brand and helps attendees identify with the event.

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