Case Study: How to save money using event management software

Jul 17, 2023 / 3 min
By: Adis Jugo, President (Technology) at

Event planning can be a costly endeavor, but with, you can expect substantial cost reductions. On average, event organizers can save up to 50% on their expenses by switching to this comprehensive system. Let's dive into a detailed case study on how can help you save money compared to traditional event management tools and systems.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through a real-life example involving a fictional event in Germany with 2,500 attendees and an average ticket price of 800€. Our data is up-to-date as of July 17, 2023. Join us as we demonstrate how can significantly cut costs and boost your bottom line.



When it comes to event ticketing systems, Eventbrite is a popular choice for many, offering robust features like invoicing and refunds as part of their package. However, it's essential to consider the costs associated with Eventbrite's services. In the USA, they charge a 3.7% commission plus $1.79 per sold ticket, while in the UK, it's a 6.95% commission plus £0.59 per sold ticket. For our fictional event in Germany, Eventbrite imposes a fee of 5.5% plus €0.99 per sold ticket.

While Eventbrite is widely used, there are more cost-effective alternatives like, which offers fixed 3% service fees. But, it's important to note that these alternatives often lack comprehensive invoice management, including tax invoices, invoice corrections, cancellations, and tax statements.

Now, let's delve into a case study to demonstrate how you can save money and cut costs with event management software. We'll compare Eventbrite,, and for our fictional event:

Potential savings for the event organizer using Eventbrite: 68,285€ Potential savings for the event organizer using 15,810€


Event Mobile App

Business events often rely on mobile apps like Whova or Hubilo, which typically come with a hefty price tag, averaging around €10,000 for events similar in size to our fictional example. However, there's a smarter way to manage your event and reduce costs. With, not only is the mobile app included in the price, but it's also fully integrated into the system, eliminating the need for event organizers to export attendee data and send separate mobile app invitations. It clearly shows you how to save money using event management software through this case study!

Potential savings for the event organizer: An average of €10,000.


Content, Speakers, and Agenda

Sessionize is the market leader in tools focused on managing speakers, sessions, and the agenda. These tools aid in calls for speakers, managing content teams, fostering content selection, and ultimately, speaker communications and agenda publishing. Sessionize has a fixed cost of €444 (499 US$) per event. Not only does provide the same robust features as Sessionize, but it also offers something extra – the key to saving money on your event management expenses. Plus, the integration of content, speakers, and agenda into the entire system eliminates the need to copy and import data to your event mobile app (or anywhere else for that matter).

Potential savings for the event organizer: €444


Sponsors and Lead Retrieval


Various lead retrieval systems on the market usually have a price range from €3,000 to €5,000. All these solutions require event organizers to purchase or rent special equipment, and setting them up involves a lot of data export and import. But don't get desperate because here is how to save money using event management software. has complete sponsor and exhibitor management integrated into the system. Not only does it support lead retrieval and on-the-fly classification through the mobile app and badge printing also enable event organizers to manage the complete sponsor lifecycle.

Potential average savings for the event organizer: An average of €3,000.


Badge Printing, Check-Ins, and Registration Desks

Selecting the right badge printing, check-in, and registration desk management application for your event can be a daunting task. With a multitude of options on the market, each offering unique features and varying significantly in cost, making the right choice is essential.

Some event apps provide the flexibility for organizers to use their existing equipment, while others necessitate equipment rental. Certain systems even go a step further, requiring their personnel to be on-site to manage badge printing and registration desk operations. Additionally, there's a growing trend towards systems offering self-check-in kiosks and self-service badge printing, often at an extra cost. Some applications also offer lead retrieval functionality, which can offset the initial expense but typically comes with a higher price tag. It's worth noting that, in our search, we haven't come across any reliable badge printing, check-in management, and registration desk app priced below €8,000 for an event similar in size to our fictional example. In fact, some systems can go as high as €25,000, adding significant pressure on event organizers to find cost-effective solutions.

Needless to say, all these functionalities are integrated into Event organizers can design badges to their specifications, print them in advance or on-site, and execute attendee and session check-ins. Furthermore, stay tuned for even more cost-saving features, as plans to introduce self-service check-in kiosks and badge printing in Q4 2023. This innovation promises to further enhance your event management experience while helping you save money.

Potential average savings for the event organizer: An average of €10,000


Event organizers save €39,254

Total savings for our fictional event: €39,254€ (if is being used as a ticketing app). If event organizers use Eventbrite, this saving increases by another €50,000.

The total savings in time, enhanced security (no need to ever export or import your attendee data to any external system), and process optimization are not explicitly stated here. Still, event organizers will indeed recognize the significant benefits they bring.



Saving with 39,254€ (48%)

Fictive event: 2500 attendees, 800€ average ticket price, Germany


Module App Costs Costs
Event Management System - - 44,190 €
Ticketing 60,000 € -
Event Mobile App Whova 10,000 € -
Speakers and Agenda Sessionize 444 € -
Sponsors and Lead Retrieval Various 3,000 € -
Badge Printing and Check-in Various 10,000 -
Total Costs of Ownership   83,444 € 44,190 €