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Combining Self-Service Kiosks with Attended Registration

Feb 07, 2024 / 2 min read
By: Adis Jugo, President at run.events
Additionally to self-service check-in kiosk you'll the most probably want to have one or more human-operated registration desks.
As discussed in the previous post about the choices which you will need to make about attendee check-in flow and hardware used, you'll the most probably want to have one or more human-operated registration desks for all attendees who, for some reason, are not able to use self-service check-in kiosks. The badges issued at those registration desks should, of course, have the same touch and feel as the badges issued at the check-in kiosk. However, you don't have to use the same printers, and you will often want to opt for a hybrid solution.

Imagine the following situation: you have a main group of attendees, let's say "regular attendees," which covers 90% of your total attendees. These are primarily who you're targeting with self-service check-in, allowing you to choose budget-friendly thermal printers for these kiosks.

But, what to do with the remaining 10% of your attendees? They are exhibitors, speakers, VIP guests, or other groups of people for whom you'd like to provide badges in different colors and designs. Plus, there will also be regular attendees who will not be able to check-in at the self-service kiosks for various reasons - they will also seek help at the registration desk.
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Event organizers love Brother QL printers for their outstanding cost-effectiveness, the affordability of the labels, and the lack of a need for ink or other consumables. Organizers utilize pre-printed badge templates, leaving space for attendee personal data, which is then completed using labels printed by the Brother QL printers. 

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It is obvious that the registration desk will have to issue multiple badge types and designs, as opposed to the self-service kiosks which are programmed to issue only one type of badges. Having an ink-jet printer at the registration desk, which could print badges in all possible designs and handle all attendee types, is a good practice here. You will not have to pre-print badges for the smaller groups of attendees, you will not have to think about which badge designs to use for whom - run.events, in conjunction with an ink-jet printer such as Epson CW C-3500, will take care of that. Of course, run.events will let you design those badges in a way that they are visually compatible with the badges printed by self-service check-in kiosks, so that all badges at your events will have a similar look and feel.

run.events also provides the "Attendee Registration" module for the attended registration, which equips staff with a comprehensive toolkit, beginning with rapid ticket scanning via barcode scanners or the run.events mobile app, and effortless badge printing in just a few clicks. This setup guarantees a swift and seamless check-in for ticket-holding attendees. Paired with automatic recognition of badge designs that should be printed for each attendee, and color ink-jet printers which can print those badges on-demand, run.events provides the ultimate toolkit for an efficient and hassle-free human-operated registration. In combination with run.events kiosks, which can take the majority of your registration load, this represents a perfect attendee check-in combo for your event.