Event Technology

Battle-stations to the Rescue!

Feb 04, 2024 / 1 min read
By: Adis Jugo, President at run.events
When we envisioned run.events, the primary aim was to create a system that continually eases the lives of event organizers. Today, we're thrilled to unveil another significant stride in that journey: the run.events Registration Desk module, affectionately known internally as "Battle-stations". Innovation often lies not in crafting something entirely new, but in refining something to perfection. Leveraging our decades-long experience as event organizers, we've developed a feature that stands as a beacon of efficiency, adeptly navigating the common hurdles encountered during attendee check-in.

The Battle at the Registration Desk

The registration desk, being the initial point of contact for attendees, plays a crucial role in shaping their event experience. However, this spot can often get crowded and slow down because of usual check-in issues. Attendees might come without their tickets, or they might have tickets bought for them by someone else but haven't completed the registration. These issues usually lead to frustration and long lines.
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run.events makes badge printing and check-in management a breeze: find out how. 

Badge printing and check-in management
In response, the run.events Registration Desk module provides staff with a comprehensive toolkit, beginning with rapid ticket scanning via barcode scanners or the run.events mobile app, and effortless badge printing in just a few clicks. This setup guarantees a swift and seamless check-in for ticket-holding attendees.

But also, when attendees are caught in ticket assignment issues (be it incomplete registration or tickets purchased but not allocated by their company), run.events Registration Desk empowers staff to swiftly locate attendees and tickets using various criteria, initiate ticket assignments, and finalize registrations. Integration with handheld scanners enhances the speed of registration, while the system also accommodates badge printing, badge invalidation, and the generation of replacement badges in the event of loss. Battle-stations screen is a real efficiency monster during peak attendee check-in times.

Experience Pays Off

Launching the run.events Registration Desk module marks another milestone in our quest to simplify event organizers' lives. By arming registration desk staff with the necessary tools to operate efficiently, run.events significantly diminishes wait times, boosts attendee satisfaction, and smoothens the check-in process.

As I said at the beginning of this post, this might not seem like the rocket science, but it is extremely difficult to get it right. We have used all our experience to get it right, and we couldn't be more proud of it.