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Event Technology

Here's how to save your money using event technology

Sep 13, 2023 / 4 min read
By: Nicholas Royal, Customer Success

Here's a harsh truth: Gone are the days of hefty printed materials and manual registration processes. Today, it's about leveraging the best of event technology to optimize costs, enhance participant experience, and maximize returns. Given the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of events, while at the same time, continuous inflationary pressure, event planners need to maintain constant awareness about potential cost-saving opportunities. In this blog, we explain key areas of how to save money using event technology.


Event ticketing

Event tickets are important, if not the most important, of all event aspects. But they also can be expensive. Some event planners list their event tickets on a third-party ticketing platform, while others host tickets on their event website. Good to know event management software offers all-in-one solutions that integrate event apps, which are usually the forefront point of connection between event organizers and attendees. Reductions in printing costs, backend support system, and making constant changes in ticketing options from group to standalone tickets and vice versa in this case becomes normality. 


7 event ticket types you need to know: Selecting the right mix of event ticket types will have a major effect on the event outcome.

7 event ticket types you need to know

Event mobile app

Knowing that mobile devices and tablets are everyday companions to us all, event mobile apps become central hubs for interaction between all event stakeholders (i.e., sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, speakers, and vendors). Event organizers should always think that there is always a smarter way to manage your event and save money using event technology. Event management software not only includes mobile apps in its price, but it's also fully integrated into the system, eliminating the need to export attendee data and send separate mobile app invitations. And let's remember the sponsor dimension as the financial backbone of many events. Event apps come equipped with many features designed to elevate sponsor visibility. The promotional possibilities are endless, from in-app banners that attendees view while browsing to push notifications reminding them of sponsor sessions or offers. Such features ensure that sponsors receive unparalleled visibility, ultimately leading to increased ROI. In many cases, event organizers can save an average of € 10,000.


Kiosks and QR Codes

Consider the first touchpoint at any event – the registration desk. Traditional setups often involve long queues, several staff members, and a cumbersome process. Some event apps provide the flexibility for organizers to use their existing equipment, while others necessitate equipment rental. Specific systems even go a step further, requiring their personnel to be on-site to manage badge printing and registration desk operations. In our search, we haven't found any reliable badge printing, check-in management, or registration desk app priced below €8,000. Technology such as Self-Check-In-Kiosk, paired with event apps boasting QR scan capabilities, can revolutionize how attendees check-in. Participants simply scan their QR codes, and voila, they're automatically added to the visitor list. This swift process not only enhances the attendee experience but also results in a noticeable reduction in staffing costs. It's a win-win to save money using event technology with reductions of more than € 10,000 on average!


Real-time lead retrieval

A lead retrieval app can change the way your company collects leads through its functionality using everyday devices. The best apps on the market will be outfitted for iOS or Android operating systems on cellphones, meaning that any smartphone can be turned into a scanner and data collection tool. This is a direct contributing factor as it attracts sponsors and exhibitors to your event while saving costs. Various lead retrieval systems on the market usually have a price range from €3,000 to €5,000, according to our analysis. All these solutions require event organizers to purchase or rent special equipment, and setting them up involves a lot of data export and import. But don't get desperate because here is how to save money using event management software. If you opt to use sponsor and exhibitor management integrated into the event management system, you can save, on average, around €3,000! Not only does it support lead retrieval and on-the-fly use of built-in QR scanners that are quick and easy to use, but your sponsors won't need to carry any additional hardware or training costs.


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Sponsors, exhibitors and lead retrieval: ranges from creating customized sponsorship packages to managing sponsor personnel, and lead retrieval. 

Sponsors, exhibitors, and lead retrieval

Harnessing the power of big data and analytics

Beyond the obvious utility features, event apps are a treasure trove of data. Every interaction, every click, and every session attended paints a vivid picture of attendees' preferences, behavior, and feedback. Rather than relying on post-event surveys, planners can tap into real-time analytics to gauge what's working and what isn't. If your event organizing team is caught up with tedious, manual processes, you will lose much money on labor costs. Making it hard to quantify, we will make a good decision by saying it's priceless when saving your money using event technology. In addition, with big data and analytics at their fingertips, event planners are better equipped than ever to craft events that resonate, engage, and captivate.



Why being at the forefront of innovation

Event planning has become more dynamic than ever, alongside opposing forces such as inflation on the go and opportunities emerging at every turn. However, with event technology considered an ally, event planners can navigate their landscape with confidence. By leveraging modern tools, they stand as cost-saving helping hands and position your events at the forefront of innovation, efficiency, and participant satisfaction.