Watch our latest webinar episode on handling attendee check-ins in 2024 with Edyta, Adis and Matthias from Düsseldorf Congress.
We made badging and check-in management easy

Create beautiful badge designs? Manage attendee registration? Self-service check-in kiosks? Entrance control or session check-in? Of course, . All of that in a simple-to-understand and easy-to-operate manner.

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Manage Attendee Check-In and Access Control
  • Quick-start badge designer with beautiful templates.
  • Super-easy badge printing.
  • Digital Badges.
  • Attended (Staffed) event check-in.
  • Self-Service Kiosks.
  • Access control and day check-in.
  • Session check-in.
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Advanced Badge Management
  • Badge printing.
  • Lost or damaged badge invalidation.
  • Issuing replacement badges.
  • Prevention of duplicate badges.
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