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High level of service and support to customers who require more personalized attention and assistance.

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First of all, we want to thank you for running charity, non-profit, or community events.
If you are a charity, a community project or other type of non-profit or non-governmental initiative, please feel free to talk to us. Once you have been approved as a non-profit organizer, we will waive our commission, and you will only need to pay for the payment provider fees.

The Premium Support Package includes:

  • Five dedicated hours of expert support and consulting each month, to help you get the most out of and ensure the success of your event.

  • Assistance with setting up your event and providing personalized consulting on the best practices for using the platform.

  • Consulting on using our technology to optimize your event management process, from registration and ticketing to promotion and follow-up.

  • Priority support: your issue will have priority with our experts and support team.
750 €/month
Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.
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